Mid year update

It's been a while since I've published my first post. I no longer have the Chromebook, my mom own it now. I tried both Chrubuntu and Crouton which would allow me to run Ubuntu on my Chromebook, but that did not work well when I tried to start developing Java. I even had to restore my Chromebook partitions manually once (wrote a post about it).

Regarding Java development, I published a project using Spring Data JPA, Hibernate Spatial and Postgis. I had to do it myself when I couldn't find an example of it.

Currently I am working on a personal project using Angular.js and Apache Cordova in order to build a mobile app. I will build only the Android app with Cordova while I will cover iOS and Windows devices with an web application that would work offline. This will involve the use of HTML5 Offline and angular-localForage.

Chrome Dev Editor

My very first

This personal homepage is my first project developed using Chrome Dev Editor. I took the "Blog" example from Pure Layouts and changed it a little bit. The project is hosted in GitHub and was entirely developed on a Chromebook like the one in the picture.